For Online Business Success – Stay Focused On Your Goals

You will never develop an online passive income unless you stay focused on your goals.

Henry Ford was a very successful entrepreneur. One of the main reasons for his success was the great ability he had to stay focused on his goals. There were plenty of challenges during the time period he lived. There were also many personal and family difficulties. Additionally, it would have been easy to quit when he faced supply problems, technical hurdles, unscrupulous competitors, legal issues, and so on. Somehow he managed to deal with all of those things and at the same time stick to his business goals.

One of my favorite quotes of his is:


“Obstacles are those frightful things you see
when you take your eyes off your goal.”  Henry Ford


A common weakness among online entrepreneurs is jumping from one thing to another. It is so easy to be attracted to the next big thing before following through on our first attempts. The popular myth that making money online is fast and easy contributes to this problem. If someone is not earning big money right away the tendency is to blame the system or something that is out of our control.

The reality is that we may simply need to spend more time and work a little harder to be successful. I know some people that have jumped from one thing to another for several years. If they had just stuck with almost any one of their projects longer they could be doing very well right now.

Another reason that people are constantly buying the next easy button product or joining the next sure fire program is how these things are marketed. Many of the wealthiest Internet marketers have been selling make money systems for years. Each time they promise it is the best thing you could ever do. They promise it will be easy, fast and that anyone can do it. They sell a lot of software, courses, or programs depending on how they are monetizing it. People sign up or buy the product with high hopes. Some people will never even give it a try. Others make a half-hearted attempt but when they are not experiencing the results they hoped for they give up. When the next great system is marketed to them they unfortunately go through the same cycle again.

There are many basic ways to make money online. None of these involve some secret system or grand unique product that no one else has seen before. You can learn about all of the standard and tested ways to make money online for free. The most successful Internet marketers are not those that stumbled upon some secret product or formula. They are the ones that worked hard and stuck with it in spite of obstacles and temporary disappointments.

Do some research and decide what method would best fit your circumstances. Get some training or find some reliable reports, e-books, or videos. After learning the basics just get started and take action. When you hit some snags or it is not going the way you were anticipating, find a way to keep moving forward. Completely changing direction and starting a whole new method is usually not the answer.

You will have a happier future if you keep your eyes on the goal and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by every so-called opportunity that comes along.

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