JSSTripler2 Update – Dec, 2011

A program called JSSTripler 2 is reviewed in this article.

ALERT: We have suspended our recommendation of JSSTripler2.

Please check back for our next recommendation.

Here is a quick but exciting update on JSSTripler2, the latest online passive income opportunity we have been recommending.

We have been consistently earning our 2% on all Dream Positions every single day. The 2% is calculated and posted in our accounts each night just after midnight EST.

We have not withdrawn any cash yet but are repurchasing Dream Positions with 100% of our earnings plus with additional funds. We are doing this because we have confidence in the steps the admin is taking to build long-term stability for JSSTripler2. There are many strategies for compounding and withdrawing so each member should choose their own method depending on their personal circumstances.

Are members that choose to withdraw being paid? Yes! Payment proofs are being posted daily in various forums. The payments are apparently also being sent very quickly.

The JSSTripler forum got a new name. It is now officially called the Money Network Forum. It is an active forum where T2 members are winning Dream Points in various contests and a weekly lottery. One of my favorite threads has quite a few different strategies that different members are using to increase their earnings. I will be posting more about the many benefits of joining the forum in an upcoming blog.

If you are good at designing logos or banners there are some contests going in the Money Network Forum. You have an opportunity to win some Dream Positions and at the same time help JSSTripler2 and the Money Network Forum.

This is not an MLM opportunity that requires you join and start recruiting right from the very beginning. Members that purchase Dream Positions today earn the same percentage or amount as members that joined on the first day. What I am stressing here is that it is not too late to join.

If you just want to test the program you can register and purchase just 1 Dream Position for only $10. Then you can see with your own eyes that you are being paid every single day.

There is now a live counter of registered members on the home page. Remember that the membership will be capped at 10,000 active members so if you are sitting on the fence you may want to consider making a decision soon.

If you have questions about JSSTripler2 don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the new Money Network Forum.

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