For Online Business Success – Do You Think Like A Winner Or A Loser?

One of the most important skills to earning passive income online is to think like a winner. Never have negative doubts that hold you back.

Greetings to all and a special welcome to everyone that has joined us since our last blog post.

I meet so many people that want to start an online business to make money. They dream about quitting their job and working from home. They buy ebooks and training videos to learn all the methods. They pay a lot of money for coaching and webinars. They spend hours on forums trying to learn the latest techniques. None of these things is necessarily bad. It is good to see a person taking the initiative to learn skills that will help their future success. The problem comes when they don’t take action.

This week’s quote may sound a little blunt. I know we promised motivating quotes but with a little explanation you will understand why this one can inspire you.

“Losers visualize the penalties of failure.
Winners visualize the rewards of success.”
William S. Gilbert

I hate to even use the word “loser” since there can be so many factors involved in anyone’s attempt to succeed. If ten people participate in a foot race can you really say there are nine losers? Aren’t there ways that even those that did not come in first place were winners?

  • The training was good for their mental and physical health.
  • They challenged themselves to reach their potential.
  • They showed courage and determination even to enter the competition.
  • They have learned more about the other competitors.
  • They are more experienced which will help them in future races.
  • They are now more prepared to set realistic goals and to plan how to achieve them.

It is so easy to overanalyze everything. Negative feelings and doubts can arise that prevent a person from moving forward. We can talk ourselves right out of taking action with thoughts like: ‘There is too much competition. This will take too long. This will not work. I could fail. I don’t know how to do everything involved in this.’

Yes it is important to be realistic and not to jump too quickly into something beyond our ability or finances. Nevertheless, we will never know everything and there will never be a perfect time to start working online without any risks.

Our mental outlook has a huge effect on our productivity and success. With every goal or task we have the choice to think like a winner or a loser. Staying positive will increase our growth and help us to learn from our setbacks.

The contest itself can actually help an athlete to achieve even more. World records are usually broken in tight races not in training. We can learn some valuable skills through educating ourselves. For most of us though, it seems that the best lessons are learned through taking action. Through trial and error. Have you been learning and researching long enough? Is it time to enter the race and simply do the best you can?

Try to keep the last part of this week’s quote in mind; “Winners visualize the rewards of success.” Our positive attitude may well be the most important asset we can cultivate to succeed in any online business. For every task or endeavor we seek to accomplish we should try to visualize ourselves in the end as winners. Having this attitude will certainly help us succeed online.

Be sure to check our blog tomorrow for an update on our progress with Club Asteria.

Wishing you success, Janice and Mark

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