Computer Maintenance – Keeps Your eBiz Running Smoothly

To earn passive income online you need to constantly keep up with your computer maintenance.

Computer maintenance is not something that can be neglected. When you have a computer that is running at peak performance, then it is one of the best tools for your online business. There are some easy and basic things that will keep your computer running at its best.

1. Disk Defragmentation of Your Hard Drive
I first learned about disk defragmentation in 1996 when my first laptop suddenly refused to do anything. Back then it did not take much to overload a laptop. I called a friend and the first thing he asked was “when was the last time you defragged your computer?” I had NEVER done it and I had used the computer for almost a year. After defragging the hard drive it worked perfectly again. Microsoft officially says this will “Clean up your hard drive to reclaim space used by temporary files and unnecessary program files.” Every time you install a program or create files onto your computer you cause fragmentation. This is not something bad. Data is not stored on your computer as one continuous file. Some files may be stored this way when they are first installed, however over time they fragment. In time, when you open a program or file on your computer the hard drive searches through numerous places in order to combine the data that it needs. This really slows things down, especially when most of us have more than one thing going at a time. Normally, you should do a disk defragmentation (defrag) every week if possible. You can set your computer to do this automatically at a set time and then you won’t forget.

2. Disk Intensive Software
Any regularly used disk intensive software such as gaming software will run much better if you defrag your system on a regular basis. There are other things that you can also do to make your computer run more efficiently. For example if you have two hard drives in your computer then you can use one as the primary for placing your operating system on and the other can be used specifically for games or other software that use a lot of resources. This helps your computer run more smoothly because your operating system is not fighting for space with the other applications and vise versa.

3. Installing and Uninstalling Applications
Usually you will have no problem installing a new program, a new application or an upgrade of something you already have. The more you install, however, will increase the time it takes for your computer to boot up. It may also decrease performance in some cases. Printer software particularly takes up a large amount of space. Be aware of what is on your computer and try to only keep what is needed to let the program run. If you have program files for things you no longer use uninstall these from your computer. I suggest that you invest in a good registry cleaner as this can help to decrease the time it takes to boot up and increase the performance of your PC.

4. Downloading From The Internet
It is so easy to find free programs and cool stuff on the Internet. However, before you do make a purchase or download make sure that you read all about what you will get. You don’t want to agree and then get something that you didn’t want or don’t need. You especially don’t want something that will cause your computer to slow down or develop a glitch.

5. Updating Your Computer and Applications
The manufacturers of computer components such as video cards, sound cards, capture cards and system boards will do routine updates. They do this to add security patches, performance enhancements and to keep their software compatible and competitive. Many of these updates now come in automatically. Some are not automatic, however, and others that are supposed to be automatic may just not get to you. With this in mind it is a good idea to check for updates on a regular basis. Some companies such as Microsoft and Symantec will offer free performance enhancements and security patches that you should also check for on a regular basis.

6. Rebuilding Your Operating System
It will help to learn about system imaging software that will come in handy when it comes to re-installing your system. Some people rebuild their systems on an annual basis. It is a safeguard to use an imaging package to make a complete image of the operating system and applications installed when you originally set up your systems. Using system imaging software will let you re-install the base operating system and applications by simply pressing one button and it can really save you if your were to have a system failure. Regular updates and maintenance will keep your computer running smoothly and relatively trouble free. You can find some great tools that will make it easier and in some cases automatic. This will allow you more time and freedom to concentrate on and succeed in your ebiz. plan.

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