Bringthefresh – Starting My Due Diligence

Bringthefresh is a program to make money online and is almost passive income.

Alert: We are no longer recommending this program.

I just subscribed to a membership with bringthefresh.  I have been checking it out now and then for almost two years.  I have some colleagues that have done extremely well with it.  You know how lazy I am so it looked like more work than I wanted.

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It has just been updated with 2012 methods and tips.  It will still take some effort initially but it can eventually be almost passive.  I have decided to examine bringthefresh more closely to see if it a good fit for us.

As you know we have been successfully making money online for many years.  At the same time we wanted to go in a new direction just for a change of pace.  Additionally, many of the methods we have used for years are taking more time and effort.  Some of those methods are just not working at all anymore.  It is sad but most of the heavy hitter gurus have not kept up and adjusted.  They are still trying to sell old worn out methods as if they were still successful.

Bringthefresh Really Does Have Some Fresh Ideas

That is one of the biggest reasons I decided to give bringthefresh a try.  The developers, Kelly Felix and Mike Long have a long history of making money as well as helping other people making money online.  They have many dedicated followers that can vouch for their honesty and success.  Everything they do is legal, ethical and whitehat.

We also wanted to get back to building a more passive income that runs on auto-pilot once it is set up. 

I will post a bringthefresh review soon along with some initial thoughts on the pros and cons.

Click here if you want to visit bringthefresh.

Edit: I have now posted two more reviews.

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