For Online Business Success – Brand Your Name, Website or Company

It is crucial to brand your website. Along with that you may want to also brand your name and company.

brand your website

There is a verified story about the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright that I will share with you. In a court case he was called upon to testify. When asked to state his occupation, he replied, “The world’s greatest living architect.”  The judge asked if perhaps he was being immodest.  Wright replied:  “But, your Honor, I’m under oath.”

Yes, Frank Lloyd Wright was a very confident man. He could likely get away with some egotistical sounding comments because he had already established a remarkable reputation. He had skillfully marketed and branded his name, work and reputation. Have you ever heard anyone refer to him as Frank Wright? Not likely. However, there is only one individual you think of when you hear the name Frank Lloyd Wright. It also automatically makes you think about architecture. That is the power of branding.

It takes time to build a reputation for your personal name, website or company. It is usually wise to start with one or the other. For most Internet marketers it makes sense to first brand your website. There are some well known “guru” marketers that have great reputations because of their long history of quality products and services. Others stay in the background but their companies or websites are extremely popular.

A good example of website branding is Facebook. It has been one of the most popular websites for years. The name is so well branded that all around the world people immediately know what you are referring to when you say, “Facebook.” At the same time, until recently how many people had ever heard of the name Mark Zuckerberg? I don’t if his name being in the media so much recently was orchestrated by his public relations team or it was involuntary because of the release of “The Social Network.” It doesn’t really matter. He has the resources and clout to emphasize the positive.

Most new Internet marketers do not have extra resources just for branding a name or company. In a future blog we will discuss some specific ways to accelerate your branding. For now just remember how important it is for your future success. Everything you write, post, say, recommend, sell, etc. will affect your reputation and ultimately your brand.

I remember a bad example from years ago. I won’t mention the name of the website because it was started by a very honest and sincere person. He launched what seemed like a perfect program. He had a clever and memorable domain name, a unique and in demand website service. It was also one of those rare situations that seemed like perfect timing. It looked to me and many others that it was a sure homerun. People started signing up and supporting the website faster than I had ever seen before.

The trouble started a few months after the launch. Numerous technical issues were not being resolved and this was frustrating many members. Tickets were not being answered pronmptly. There was very little communication about the problems. Promises were made but not fulfilled. The frustration turned to anger and eventually scores of people quitting the program. It was a case of being overwhelmed and not dealing with the situation expediently. I have no idea if better communication, hiring different technical support or anything else would have averted this disaster. Unfortunately, the biggest loss was the reputation of the website and its founder. It has never recovered.

So why would I bring up such a bad example? The bottom line is whether it is a good example like Facebook or a bad example, our branding will have a huge bearing on our future success.

We can never control everything in our online businesses. We should, however, take seriously the impression and reputation we are building in the online community.

It would be a mistake to reason that you can think about branding much later after you have reached some success. The methods for branding may change over time but you should not wait. The sooner you initiate ways to brand yourself the more effective it will be long-term. It will always be important to brand your website and often that includes your name or company as a way to boost your advertising and promotions.

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