Greetings! On this About Us page allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Mark and my wife is Janice.

I worked many years as a corporate software trainer in a fortune 200 company. I also helped beta test, refine and troubleshoot company software programs. One of my primary responsibilities was to help employees become more productive.

Janice has been a teacher and has worked in the legal profession. Until closing it recently she had a successful eBay business since 1999.

We have had one or more online and offline businesses since 1979. We enjoy operating these online businesses on a daily basis. We are in constant contact with other eBiz owners who regularly consult us for guidance and services. We, of course, have also benefited from their input.

We know many other honest, experienced and successful online business owners. We have developed business and personal relationships with hundreds of colleagues and enjoy an interchange of ideas, suggestions, recommendations and support.

The abundance of internet get-rich-quick scams have tainted peoples view of and trust in the small and medium-sized eBiz. There are, however, many ethical and trustworthy online businesses. They want to make a profit but have no desire to take advantage of others just to succeed. These are the people we want to help and network with at this site.

We have tried and tested hundreds of software programs, ebooks, ecourses, web services, and other online business tools.

We will be sharing our recommendations to help any online business have all the advantages to succeed. We look forward to building and maintaining your “go to” site for the latest developments for an almost passive income.

Well, enough about us. Just remember that on this site we will be emphasizing and featuring the best passive income opportunities. We will also be adding articles and resource information about some of our favorite online business tools. We really appreciate the web tools that automate and streamline our efforts so we can stay as passive as possible.

Wishing you success,

Mark and Janice

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